Onwards and Upwards- An Important Update!

Many of you have been getting in touch with us over the past few days asking about our burgers and why you are unable to find them in Planet Organic at the moment. We have been waiting for the right time to share with you a decision that we have recently made regarding what the future holds for Roots & Grains- so thank you for bearing with us!


Our trial period with Planet Organic has been absolutely incredible- the success of our burgers surpassed anything we could ever have anticipated and the feedback and love we have felt from you all has been so immensely positive- so thank you! Due to the popularity of our burgers, we soon began to realise that we had already outgrown our little kitchen setup and would need to find a larger production set up to be able to meet this demand.


Which brings us to our news... We have decided to put the production of our burgers on hold, while we look for a space that can facilitate this larger scale production and also act as a hub for new product development- as we have so many more ideas that we want to share with you all!


It’s been so exciting to see our products go from a concept to actuality, and seeing them on the shelves for ourselves- so thank you to Planet Organic for everything they have done for us, their support has been second to none and they have been nothing but understanding of this frustrating time for us as a business.



We apologise to those of you that didn’t yet get a chance to try our burgers, or those of you that will miss them while we are on this production hiatus. We are sad to have to pause when we have such a good thing going, but the problem we are faced with is ultimately a positive one, and it makes sense for us as a business to take a step back in order to make room for growth, and to be able to come back stronger and even more delicious than before!


We will be sure to keep you all updated with our journey through social media, and there will still be plenty of content and recipe development, so don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere! Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see or read more of, whether that’s our personal journey, more Gamechangers interviews or even more recipes!


We can’t wait to come back bigger and better than ever and to share with you all everything new that we have been working on!


Much Love,

As Always,

The R & G Team