5 of London's Coolest Workouts-

Tried & tested by us

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Cardio Barre and Blokfit

Where: Blok (Clapton and Shoreditch)



It’s hard to pick just one workout as we love this gym so much! The Clapton branch is tucked down a cobbled lane within an old tram depot. Veeery cool. The changing rooms, although particularly small (in the Clapton branch at least) have heated floors and are stocked with Bamford toiletries. Stop by a little early for a pre-workout snack, or grab something for later, as everything in their cafe is VEGAN! Yay! The classes here are challenging but super fun. Blokfit, a badass twist on the conventional circuit training uses lots of cool gadgets (including weighted ropes, punch bags, and giant tyres- you get the idea) to keep things varied as well as give you an awesome all round workout that really gets the heart pumping!

Next up, is Cardio Barre. Not so much a high-intensity cardio session as a serious butt workout, this is the one to come to if you’re looking to get lean and sculpted! It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to have any ballet experience before beginning the class, nor do you need much sense of coordination- I have two left feet and seemed to manage! The class is usually split into sections, beginning some medium intensity cardio, followed by technique on the barre (plies and releves and the like), which is usually followed by an ab workout. Believe us when we say you will start to feel the burn a few minutes into that barre session!  It’s worth it though! We started to notice the difference in our legs and glutes after just one session. It’s also quite a lot of fun spending 45 minutes pretending to be a ballerina.

What we ate afterwards: We cooked up one of our BBQ Nut patties with a side of sweet potato mash and some avocado. The perfect protein hit to help to develop that lean muscle you’ve just been sculpting!


Fierce Grace-

Where: Fierce Grace Studios, Various branches around London



No longer a newcomer to the yoga scene, the well established Fierce Grace practice is a form of hot yoga adapted from Bikram Yoga. It is slightly cooler than the rather intense 45 degrees that you would be used to having ever done Bikram. Their signature Fierce Grace class, set to music,  lasts an hour and a half and is a serious sweat-athon, but once you get used to the heat, you’ll be amazed to see how much further you can stretch. We recommend you take at least 10 minutes to lie in the room after class- it’s one of the most relaxing parts to our week! You will start to feel and see the benefits after only a few weeks. It can leave you feeling a little wobbly the first few times as you’re waking up muscles you haven’t used before most probably. If you are just starting out it’s also a harder workout as you aren’t as flexible yet, so you’re going to be working a lot harder to hold the postures. But believe us, it gets easier, and it’s definitely worth it! The constant guidance and verbal correction throughout the class means that you are always discovering something new and it’s easy to stay focused! It’s worth noting the changing rooms are really nice too- if a little crowded at peak times. Be prepared for the communal showers- a little daunting at first but actually quite freeing! Get ready to embrace your inner yogi!


What we ate afterwards: I don’t know about you, but yoga makes us reaaaaally hungry. We ate the Quinwah bowl from our blog as it’s super filling without feeling heavy or stodgy. It kept us fill for the whole afternoon until dinner without snacking.

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Where: Various locations around London.



This class is great value for money, and an awesome alternative to the more expensive boutique classes (but still super fun, mind.) At some venues you can even purchase a discounted month pack of classes, which includes one session a week. At places like Gymbox this class is free as part of the membership- although this is not such a money-friendly option. Cardio focused, this workout is great fun for both beginners and intermediates,  as they talk you through the basic boxing moves and techniques as you go. This is definitely not a technique focused class- so those looking to actually learn to kickbox should look somewhere else! But what it is however, is a hell of a load of fun. You get to spend 45 minutes punching a kicking a bag (which if like us, you feel timid about hitting a stranger wearing combat pads, is a welcome relief) to some upbeat music, following a routine that the instructor builds up as the class goes on. Once you start to get the hang of it, you begin to feel pretty ninja-ish. This class is a great form of cardio, and you can push yourself as little or as much as you like. The time will fly by!


What we ate afterwards: We treated ourselves to the BBQ Nut in a wholegrain bun with avocado and tomato. We just had a salad on the side as it was an evening session and we weren’t feeling anything too heavy! These protein packed patties will assist you in building up that arm muscle, to help you hit that bag harder! We are talking some serious stress relief here guys!


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Where: Core Collective (Kensington)



Core Collective is an undeniably luxurious workout studio. The interior is reminiscent of a New York loft apartment with large windows, dark wood, exposed brick and white tiled rainwater showers. The changing rooms are stocked with delicious fresh melling products and GHD hairdryers. Now we’ve got that info off our chests, onto the workout! If you haven’t tried a TRX class before, you definitely should! This class is a great place to start, with space for only around 8 people, which means more one-on-one help and advice! Expect copious mountain climbers, planks, squats and bicep curls- all using the TRX cables for optimum results. Be prepared to cry like a baby. Well not really. It’s fun, we promise!


What we ate afterwards: 2 of our Shroom patties teamed with a rocket salad, flaked almonds, and a tablespoon of pesto. These patties a great lean source of protein and are super satisfying. Guaranteed to curb any post workout hunger pangs!



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Happy Exercising!

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